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"Team Free Will. One ex-blood junkie, one dropout with six bucks to his name, and Mr Comatose over there."

"And of course, I remember the most remarkable event. Remarkable because it never came to pass. It was averted by two boys, an old drunk, and a fallen angel."

"Dean, umm…..I was hoping that maybe you would like to have dinner with me sometime….you know, like a date.”  Cas pauses and then chuckles—the tension creeping out of him slowly.  “Wow.  I am really rusty.  That was horrible.” he laughs.

Dean leans back into the kitchen wall and makes a noise that sounds like gears grinding.  He closes his eyes and swipes his hands over his face, peeking out between his fingers at this guy that he really wants and can’t have.

Cas must misinterpret Dean’s reaction.  He backs up and stutters out, “It’s not big deal. I just thought you were interested.  I’m sorry.”

“YES!” Dean blurts out, before his brain processes anything other than the fact that he doesn’t want Cas to feel unwanted. 

“So you do want to go out with me?”  Cas asks slowly, as though he is talking to someone particularly dumb.

Dean huffs out his frustration and takes a deep breath before he replies, “Cas, I want to—I want to so bad that my teeth ache—but I can’t right now.”

Cas nods. “Okay, now’s not good.  Is there a better time?”

Dean makes a face like he tasted something bad before he mutters out, “Five months from now?”

The 12 Steps tell you to keep it simple, but Dean Winchester has never been good at keeping anything simple.  So, with the help and support of the core people in his life he’s giving sobriety his best shot, which even on a good day is a struggle.  But as he works at it he makes progress and starts to rediscover himself, and maybe find love with the new guy next door.

I know this fanfic is on my reclist but I read it again and was inspired to make the above graphic.

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